Macrame workshop

today at the allotment was the macrame workshop, it was good. everyone made some lovely hangers, I was so involved in the workshop that I didn't actually take any photographs!oops! so can't show you what went on, but we made some ten knot plant hangers and learnt some other macrame knots and techniques, wrapping and didn't have time for square knot, next time! Some of the children that attended came back with some lovely flowers from one of their dad's plots to say thank you, how lovely, they smelt great. hope you've had a lovely weekend, do tell?....


  1. oh, i love this part of your blog.
    you have a table in green house...and doing lots of fun thing. love it.
    i should get table and chair in my balcony garden too.

  2. yes get some table and chair for your balcony definitely x