trees and what not: Pots from the workshop

trees and what not: Pots from the workshop: Picked up the pots today ready to give back to everyone at the workshop tomorrow. I fired them and glazed them and think the...

: coil pot workshop

trees and what not: coil pot workshop and portrait competition: Yesterday was a busy but great day! I started off in the morning doing my project at the allotment which was a ceramic workshop,...

trees and what not: poppies

trees and what not: poppies: one day it was like this two days later it was like this
one day it was like this
two days later it was like this

Workshop time table confirmation

These will all take place at Sefton Green Gym Allotment, come rain or shine at 10 am on the Saturday mornings dated below. The duration is two hours but there is no need to rush off, if you bring a packed lunch we can all eat together and admire what has been created. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier!! and please don't feel like you have to be 'arty' to join in. These workshops are very much about being inspired and trying something new. No previous skills necessary.
Saturday 2nd June: Mark making using plant and flower inspiration.
This will involve taking inspiration from what is around us at the allotment. We will all take a walk around and try to notice things we may have missed unless purposefully looking. Noticing things like the details of a certain flower and how it has a two tone colour marking on it's petals or a leaf that has a routine flick at it's tip also how many dots a ladybird has and various small details like this. We will then use this new knowledge to experiment with different materials and techniques in order to create a similar line/curve/dot as the item we have closely inspected. Not creating a prefect depiction of the actual item but similarities. Learning ways of using different tools to create and not necessarily using them in the way they were originally intended.
Saturday 16th June: Ceramic coil pot making.
This session will involve starting off learning how to make a pinch pot using crank clay, which is great clay for outdoors as well as in. This will then lead onto making a coil plant pot with the pinch pot forming the base. Everyone will initial their pots and I will take them away to be fired and return them ready for the next session. If you can not attend the next session you can arrange with me when to pick yours up.
Saturday 30th June: Macrame plant pot holder making for coil pots or tea cups.
During this session we will make a plant hanger that can hang from a hook on the ceiling or from the wall, indoors or out, and will hold either the coil pot you have previously made or a vintage tea cup. Macrame is making things from string or twine using a sequence of knots. Once you've got the hang of it it's very very addictive!
Saturday 14th July: Fabric corsage making.
Up-cycling old fabrics and creating a wearable item, sounds good! If you have a pair of jeans or old top that you love but it has a hole in or a tear (not that, that would stop me from wearing it!!) well you can bring it along and make it into a corsage to put on a bag or wear on your coat. This is a unisex workshop, men can wear badges too.
Saturday 21st July: Plants and flowers watercolours class.
This class will be taken by Ian J Lee and assisted by me. This class will involve using inspiration from the surroundings and learning skills and techniques of water colour.
Saturday 28th July: Cooking with allotment grown goodies.
This will involve myself and a few other Green Gym volunteers along with everyone who attends trying new recipes with what is being grown around us and showing different ways of experimenting with food and then eating it.
If you need anymore information don't hesitate to ring me, Helen Sarah Vaughan on 07779502547
We are also offering the workshops for free but if a donation of any amount can be made it would be greatly appreciated. This money goes towards the costs of the materials.

: mixing a glaze for my test pieces

The Beginning

The beginning for me was quite some time ago but for the realisation of the project it all began on Wednesday evening when at the Sefton Green Gym AGM there was an unanimous vote on the go-ahead of a community art project proposal that I made. I am so happy to begin, and let all the little thoughts and ideas I have running round my brain and written on scrappy little notes become actual.

previous project memories